Aztec Fitness is a health and wellness company based in San Diego, California. In addition to improving the fitness and lives of many individual clients through personal training and popular fitness bootcamps, Aztec Fitness has a strong background in business culture, exercise physiology and evidence-based wellness programs. We have helped a number of organizations pioneer and maintain a successful corporate wellness program that effectively engages their employees and develops a healthier, more effective work-force.

FITNESS BOOT CAMP – This isn’t a workout where people are “dying” from the pain and the instructor is screaming at you to push harder until you’re at the point of tears. If that’s what motivates you, then Aztec Bootcamp is not for you…  (read more)

GROUP EXERCISE & PERSONAL TRAINING – Aztec Fitness has a network of personal trainers to meet your needs. All of our trainers are certified, trained in CPR/AED and carry personal liability insurance. We will go to your location and design a program to reach your goals… (read more)

CORPORATE WELLNESS – Popular culture will lead you to believe that the days of people working for one company their entire lives is gone. In many ways, there is a shift away from this way of life, but wherever today’s workers go they have one thing in common… (read more)

LATEST FROM PEDRO – Pedro’s Blog, useful articles on fitness-related topics, tips and ideas, wellness guidance and much more. Pedro wants to provide you with great resources to live a healthy long life… (read more)

I work with Pedro on the Gen-Probe Wellness Committee that oversees health-related incentives at Gen-Probe. Pedro's knowledge of exercise physiology and psychology, continuous positive attitude, and sense of humor have been a great asset to the committee.–Vladislav Nodelman, Associate Director, Gen-Probe, Inc. 

Pedro is an excellent trainer. I have seen him work with beginners to very physical individuals and he is able to adjust his techniques to meet every persons individual needs.–Carrie Davis, Gen-Probe Inc.

Pedro brings both enthusiasm and realistic expectations to help his clients succeed. His personal accomplishments are a constant experience pool to draw from as he can relate to the challenges his fitness clients are dealing with. What you see is what you get with Pedro and that is a genuine coach, a friend who cares about more than your fitness, and a trainer who knows his stuff.–Matt Metten, Owner, RightTurn

I am pleased to endorse Pedro Molina as a great asset to the health and fitness program of any organization. Pedro has achieved excellent results over several years with our Nissan Design staff. He is extremely professional while maintaining cordial personal relationships with each client in his program. He is a pleasure to interact with, is creative in his approach, and thoughtful and considerate in tuning the goals for each individual in his care. Pedro is especially respected for his character and judgement, which is consistantly evident in his personal interactions. I would be happy to comment further for anyone desiring more information.–James McJunkin, Nissan Design Manager (retired)

Pedro already has a long list of recommendations, but I'll gladly add my two cents! I first started using the gym at work in 2009 because of all the positive reviews my co-workers at Nissan Design had for Pedro. I continue to see him up to 2x a week, as he's a great motivator and is super friendly. He always says you can "have it your way" (at the Fitness King, not Burger King) and "pain is just weakness leaving the body". Too true!”–Ann Ngo, Nissan Design America

Pedro has been knowledgeable and encouraging in helping me to set up a personal fitness program. He was able to develop a set of exercises that would be beneficial to me while taking into consideration my special needs.–Susan Samlin, Gen-Probe Inc.