Aztec Fitness  STAFF

Pedro Molina B.A. ACE


brooks jacket picPedro Molina is the president and founder of Aztec Fitness and Wellness in San Diego and is a 17-year veteran in the fitness industry. He has an ACE certification and holds a B.A. in business from San Diego State University. Pedro is a sub 3-hour marathoner and is sponsored by Brooks through its Inspire Daily Program. Growing up in the housing projects of East Los Angeles to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the fitness industry, Pedro is an inspiration to many.

In addition to personal training, he designs and maintains corporate wellness programs for companies, including Hologic, Inc., Nissan North America, Poway School District, Alvarado Hospital, Broadstone Coronado, and Cito Capital Corporation. His corporate wellness programs have been recognized with the Healthiest Employer Award by the San Diego Business Journal. Through his network of trainers, Pedro works with the best in the industry. Yoga instructors, bootcamp, strength coaches and personal trainers, Pedro is able to meet the needs of any corporation.

Michelle Grenier, MS, RCEP, CSCS, RTC

Corporate Wellness Consultant

Michelle grew up participating in a variety of sports and found her home in running for the cross country and track teams in college.  This lead to her lifelong passion for health and fitness.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in athletic training and subsequently worked as a certified athletic trainer (ATC) and certified strength and conditioning specialist (NSCA-CSCS) in clinics, gyms, high schools and colleges.  Michelle’s pursuit of deeper knowledge and understanding of exercise performance and health lead to obtaining a master’s degree in exercise physiology and becoming a registered certified exercise physiologist (ACSM-RCEP).  She has been fortunate to work as a wellness coach, group exercise instructor, exercise and wellness program developer, fitness director, clinical exercise physiologist and corporate wellness coordinator.   Michelle is excited to share her knowledge and fitness enthusiasm with you.

When not working, she loves to play with her two beautiful little girls and husband, run or anything exercise, read, paint and travel.

Jason Karp P.H.D.

Exercise Physiology Advisory Board

Dr. Karp received his Ph.D. in exercise physiology with a physiology minor from Indiana University in 2007, his master’s degree in kinesiology from the University of Calgary in 1997, and his bachelor’s degree in exercise and sport science with an English minor from Pennsylvania State University in 1995. His research in the field of exercise physiology has been published in scientific journals. Dr. Karp has taught at several universities and currently teaches applied exercise physiology at Miramar College in San Diego and dissertation writing at the University of California San Diego.

Loran Thompson

V. P. Corporate Culture 

Corporate trainer and health coach, Loran Thompson is on a mission to empower people around the country to “WAKE UP” and make healthier lifestyle choices. She is currently CEO and founder of The Wellness Edge, which is designed to help businesses and individuals adopt and maintain healthy behaviors for life. As an energetic and powerful speaker and author, she inspires people to take an active part in their own health and wellbeing. Her willingness to share about overcoming her own obstacles, brings a refreshingly, “real” perspective to her presentations. With an amazing ability to connect with her audience, Loran presents an engaging and entertaining event that provides individuals with the tools they need to find balance in their work and personal lives. Her popular health and wellness programs and coaching sessions have been celebrated by thousands of people who live healthier lives with Loran and her program as their guide. Your employees will benefit by adopting the tools for a longer, healthier life, which in turn will increase their productivity, decrease absenteeism, decrease health care costs and employee turnover…..all of which will lead to improvements in profits for your business.

Sophie Mahoney

Pilates Instructor

I discovered Pilates in 2000 when it was first introduced to me as a form of therapy to build core strength and restore physical equilibrium .What was intended to be just another exercise method turned out to be much more. I became addicted in the way it made me feel. While I have been physically active all my life, from competitive swimming at national level in France, recreational running and as a Spinning instructor, I was dealing with a lot of physical pain and had one injury after another. Pilates literally transformed my physical health. My passion and commitment eventually led me to become a Stott certified Pilates instructor. I studied Pilates at Stott Pilates certification center in San Diego. Stott Pilates is a contemporary and anatomically based approach to Joseph Pilates original exercise method and is often referred as the golden standard for Pilates education. I am eager to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for Pilates with others and help them experience the joy of body/mind consciousness.

Tah Groen

Yoga Instructor

Do what you love. This phrase echoed in Tah Groen’s mind. With kids, a business, and a passion for her practice, she would ultimately decide to pursue a path in yoga, something she loved. “Do what you love” she told herself, and she followed her passion to teach. Tah first practiced as a teenager, inspired by a mentor to join a class at 16. The yoga fire has been burning ever since. As a yoga teacher she has developed a hands-on approach and comfortable, unique style.

Tah teaches group classes, privates, and leads the Healing Touch Vinyasa teacher training program. You can find her at, as well as out and about in the La Jolla yoga community.

Her vinyasa flow class is the perfect place for a beginner or advanced student. When not on her mat she is spending time with her partner of 17 years, her two daughters, 7 year old son, and Bengal cat named Jagger.

Emily Keith

Yoga Instructor

In 2008, a year after moving to San Diego for my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, I began practicing yoga as a hobby and way to keep up physical activity through a course my college offered. I quickly found out how much it helped with my anxiety and dealing with past trauma.  My personal yoga practice brought me a stronger, clearer awareness of my whole self: body, breath, mind and spirit. I emphasize breath, alignment, and fun in my classes, as well as concepts like being in the present, acceptance and allowance, letting go and releasing, self love, kindness and compassion. I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training certification with Katie Brauer and Danny Arguetty in the fall of 2013, and began teaching in January of 2014. Additionally, I studied breath, meditation and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras with Lora Heiner, Josh Blatter, and Luke Wientzen.

 Raman Khoshabeh

Massage Therapist/Holisitc health Practitioner

Raman website photoRaman is a graduate of the Canadian Cllege of Massage and Hydrotherapy. he sucessfully completed a rigorous 2200-hour two ear program and obained a license in Massage Therapy. he specializes as a Holisitc helath Practioner and holds certifications from the National Cerification Board ofr Theraeitc Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and the cCollege of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Raman has been running a well-established practice sine September 1998, working with a wide variety of helath practitioners, such as chiropractors, accupunturists, osteopaths, and oropeadic surgeions. Aztec Fitness utilizes Raman’s services and expertise to help his clients in a corporate setting release the tensions of prolonged sitting and inactivity as well as from overuse injury.

 Jennifer Umberger

Fitness Specialist

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
AFPA Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant
BA in Communication and Media; SUNY (State University of New York) at New Paltz 1996
Fitness Specialist Certificate; San Diego City College 2006
20 years of Fitness experience, 5+ years as a trainer and teacher
YogaFit Certified Instructor
TRIAD(Cardio, Sculpt, Core) Instructor
Spin, Cardio Kickbox, Mat Pilates Instructor
CPR and AED Certified
Healthy diet and cooking specialist including vegetarian, vegan, food allergies and a variety of other dietary concerns
Runner, hiker, biker, dancer, surfer
Specializing in Yoga and Mat Pilates as well “at home” and “anywhere” type programs featuring customized blends of traditional strength and agility training, Mat Pilates, Yoga, cardio kickbox, dance, and plyometrics tailored to fit each client’s individual needs and goals.

My workouts focus on core training. I use breath and movement techniques from Yoga and Pilates to teach you to pull in and tighten your core from every angle every time you move. This not only flattens and tones your midsection but adds more stability, power, strength and extra burn to every workout!

Tamberly Freedman

Fitness Specialist

As a former professionally, sponsored triathlete and marathon runner, with over 25 years teaching in the fitness industry and currently a kick boxing instructor for LA Fitness, Being Fit and SAIC Corporation, Tamberly has the personal experience, knowledge and education to help individuals achieve their personal fitness goals. She has the experience to help you whether you’re trying to lose weight or just want to become leaner and stronger, as well as help you train for your next event.

Her promise is to engage, inspire, motivate and challenge you and help you develop a strong foundation that will enable you to experience a new energy and vitality for life from the inside out.

Her focus is on quality not quantity.  She leads by example, so she will be right there with you working hard in every class and keep you mentally engaged in your own progress. She adds, “You do your very best all of the time! Every time!  And, you can experience results faster and safer.     And that’s very important.  After all, we all want to make the most of our time!”

For Tamberly, fitness is about feeling healthy, feeling strong and making good choices in nutrition so we can do all the things in life we want to do and more importantly, feel great about ourselves and help influence others to do the same.