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Chapparral Elementary


This isn’t a workout where people are “dying” from the pain and the instructor is screaming at you to push harder until you’re at the point of tears. If that’s what motivates you, then Aztec Bootcamp is not for you.

What our bootcamps are!

The outdoor workouts are centered on the concept of FUNCTIONAL TRAINING. As described by the American Council on Exercise, it involves the use of exercise specifically designed to improve a client’s performance of functional activities outside of the gym. Functional activities include movements from daily life, work, or sports, such as climbing stairs, carrying loads, or jumping. Unlike traditional strength-training exercises, which focus on the isolation of an individual muscle, functional training incorporates multiple muscle groups with an emphasis on the creation of correct movement patterns.

The cardiovascular benefit is achieved by keeping your heart rate elevated throughout the entire time to burn more calories effectively (this will be a link to another article). Ultimately, the goal is to improve quality of life so you can get out there and move better.

Please contact us (this will be a link to the “contact us” page) you’re interested in beginning one in your area. All levels are welcome and the following apply:

  • Minimum of 6 people
  • $20 for one day a week, $15 for twice a week, pre-paid for 6-8 weeks.
  • Drop in rate is $25.
  • One hour in duration including warm-up, cool-down and stretching.
  • Participants must bring a mat and a set of 5 pound weights. The trainer will provide the rest.
  • Everyone must fill out a confidential Health History Questionnaire and release of liability waiver that will be evaluated for any physical limitations within the group.
  • Participation includes a weekly Fitness Newsletter with helpful tips and advice.
Number of Classes
1 – $20.00 USD 4 – $60.00 USD 8 – $120.00 USD 12 – $180.00 USD
Chaparral Elementary

La Jolla

Eastlake/Chula Vista