San Diego, CA

Aztec Fitness was hired by Hologic Inc. (formermly Gen-Probe Inc.) to help initiate a wellness program and “The Power of Wellness” was created. From inception to completion, Aztec Fitness has been there. Organizing fitness events, lunch and learns and various activities including incentive programs that give the employees the best opportunity to thrive not only professionally, but personally through wellness. Aztec Fitness fully staffed the on-site fitness center with personal trainers, group exercise instructors and massage therapists to accommodate the 1000+ employees. LEADERSHIP SUPPORT: 70% of the executive team participates in the Wellness Program, including the CEO. Empowered Employees: Studies show that if you hang around overweight people, you have a greater chance of becoming overweight yourself. Inversely, studies show that if you associate with healthy people, you have a greater chance of becoming healthy yourself. Every company has highly motivated fitness aficionados that have achieved the goal of a healthy lifestyle. These people are our co-workers. Many look to them for advice and are inspired by them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Most wellness programs ignore this valuable resource and classify them as “the ones we don’t want to reach because they will lead a healthy lifestyle regardless of an employee sponsored program.” Aztec Fitness has harnessed their energy and empowered them to start their own volunteer groups. Individuals meet together at the fitness center led by a co-worker through organized workouts. The word spreads. Accountability increased. The running/walking club participates in local races and employer sponsored charity runs. The result? It has built relationships and fostered workout partners within the group. Relationships move beyond attending the latest “happy hour” and is replaced by exercise sessions. This increases accountability and adherence to an exercise program. For example, a softball league, basketball tournaments, company walks and a running club.

Pedro of Aztec with Gary Peck, Gen-Probe's director of Human Resources, receiving the San Diego Business Journal's "Healthiest Employer Award."

Pedro of Aztec Fitness with Gary Peck, Gen-Probe’s director of Human Resources, receiving the San Diego Business Journal’s “Healthiest Employer Award.”

Consequently, in 2008 Gen-Probe was pleased to receive the San Diego’s Healthiest Employers award by the San Diego Business journal. Aztec Fitness was there alongside the director of human resources to receive the award.





Aztec Fitness was hired by Nissan North America to promote their fitness center that wasn’t getting any use. Since then, over half of the employees now participate in a weekly circuit training class, outdoor boot camp, volleyball and a weekly yoga class.

Poway School District, San Diego, CA

Chaparral Elementary

Aztec Fitness was hired by the staff at Chaparral Elementary school in Poway, CA. Problem: The staff found it difficult to get to the gym after a long days work. Solution: Aztec Fitness brought the trainers to the school. Now, the staff works out during two weekly workouts. Once emphasizes a boot camp style workout and the other a mind-body style workout.   BARIATRIC SEMINAR


Aztec Fitness and Wellness was  contracted by Olde Del Mar Surgical. Countless individuals from North County and throughout San Diego have visited this La Jolla practice for bariatric surgery, advanced laparoscopic procedures, cancer treatments and much more. They have now taken it a step further by using Aztec Fitness and Wellness to provide fitness services to all their patients. Exercise programs are professionaly and individually designed to meet the needs of each person with the goal of a long term improvement in their quality of life.


Aztec Fitness partnered with Ellner Bariatric at Alvarado Hospital. Problem:Dr. Julie Ellner, MD was having trouble with her patients adhering to an exercise program post-op. Maintaining muscle mass is critical to post-bariatric surgery patients. Solution: Through one-on-one coaching and phone coaching, Aztec Fitness provides exercise program design and monitors their progress. We also give informational seminars to make the patients more comfortable with exercise.



broadstone coronado logoThe fitness industry is filled with fads that come and go, yet Aztec Fitness and Wellness is here to stay. Pedro and his team have done it by delivering top notch service and professionalism with each of their clients. Now Aztec Fitness has partnered with the luxury living property in Coronado called Broadstone by the Bay. They will be providing fitness and wellness services to their residents at their on-site facilities. According to their website, “At Broadstone Coronado, home is the destination. Right outside your door you have one of the most enviable amenity collections in the city with an endless list of retreats and gatherings throughout the sprawling bayside grounds. There’s nothing like it, on either side of the bay.”