At Aztec Fitness, we use the Functional Movement and Resistance Training Protocol developed by the American Council on Exercise.

Our trainers will take you through the FOUR phases that will help you develop your body with the least risk of injury.

 Most people, in their enthusiasm and eagerness to get in shape, end up with an injury because they don’t allow their body to follow to fully adapt to each phase of the training protocol.

 Phase One: Stability and Mobility Training

  • Focus is on intro of low-intensity to improve posture and hold neutral posture
  • Exercises focus on core and balance exercises that improve strength and function of muscles responsible for stabilizing the spine and COG
  • Primarily use body weight
  • No assessments required during this phase except for:
    • Posture, balance, movement, ROM of ankle, hip, shoulder, thoracic and lumbar
  • Address weaknesses and imbalances
  • Goal: develop postural stability without compromising mobility
  • Emphasize supported surfaces

 Phase Two: Movement Training

  • Develop mobility within the kinetic chain without compromising stability.
  • Five Primary movements:
    • Bend-and-Life Movements (squatting):
    • Single-leg movements (lunging)
    • Pushing Movements occur in four directions: forward, overhead, lateral & downward
    • Pulling Movements
    • Rotational (spiral) movements
  • Emphasize sequencing movements, control COG through normal ROM
  • Introduce dynamic balance and active flexibility
  • Controlled resistance training, endurance, mobility and eccentric actions

Goal: Perform movement patterns while stable neutral posture, COG & movement speed. Usually within 2-8 weeks.

 Phase Three: Load Training

  • Use FITT to increase the ability of muscles to generate force
  • Linear/Undulating Periodization*
  • Focus is on motor unit recruitment
  • May stay in this phase for many years
  • Does not address speed of force production

 Phase Four: Performance Training

  • Speed, agility, quickness, reactivity and power
  • Generating force in a short period of time – rate coding
  • Maximize stretch reflex, minimize time between eccentric and concentric phases
  • Develop lean muscle: Type II & improve body composition

Aztec Fitness has a network of personal trainers to meet your needs. All of our trainers are certified, trained in CPR/AED and carry personal liability insurance. We will go to your location and design a program to reach your goals.

Please contact us for more information.