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If all you have to do is eat right and exercise, why do I still have a job? I’m not going to reinvent the push-up. I’m not going to engineer a cardio machine like it came out of “The Jetsons.” Every research study out there confirms that and so does every fad diet that has ever existed: stay active; eat right.

The reason is because we all need that constant motivation to get up and do it. We need the inspiration and hope to know that each day and each year will get better. If you lose that, it gets pretty hard to get up in the morning, let alone exercise.

We see the end result in some people. We look around and gage ourselves by those around us and make decisions about what we want to do and what we don’t want to do.

As a fitness trainer, my job is to live the life I teach. This is not “Biggest Loser.” This is reality. What we do day in and day out that will help increase our quality of life.

Let’s be honest. We are not going to find a cure for death, but we can influence how those years are lived. This is what I teach.

As long as it depends on us, we have a responsibility not only to ourselves, but to those who love us. To our family members. As a father of three, I don’t want my decisions to decide whether I live to see my grandchildren. Or worse yet, I don’t want to turn my wife into a caregiver when I’m older.

We also have a responsibility to society. The less you take care of yourself, the more others will be required to take care of you. This means more visits to the doctor, more procedures and more medications. Whether we like it or not, unhealthy people drive up the cost of healthcare.

Bottom line: it’s not knowing what to do that makes the difference. We know what we have to do. We know how to do it. The reason I have been in business for 14 years is that we constantly need the motivation, the inspiration and the kick in the butt to get us going. Hopefully this blog does just that.


Pedro began his fitness career as a Professional Fitness trainer at San Diego State University and is certified through the American Council on Exercise. After thousands of personal training sessions with a myriad of clienele, Pedro set his sights on the corporate level by managing corporate fitness centers throughout San Diego. Through his network of trainers, Pedro works with the best in the industry. Yoga instructors, bootcamp, strength coaches and personal trainers, Pedro is able to meet the needs of any individual and organization.

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