Aztec Fitness and Wellness

We help employees connect what they do, with who they are.
We help individuals create the life they were intended to live.

"I worked with Aztec Fitness at our Corporate Gym for more than 4 years and they have been engaging our employees and myself to push ourselves higher. They have the talent to coach and use a variety of methods. It has changed my life to be more confident due to the understanding of my physical strength and well-being."

Corporate wellness

Every organization has people that challenge and inspire us to be our best. We take advantage of that by partnering with your HR department and organizing Wellness Champions within the organization to put us directly in touch with the company’s culture.

On-Site fitness classes

Aztec Fitness brings experience, professionalism and excitement to your on-site gym. Our network of Fitness Professionals are at the top of their industry. We’ll show you what over 20 years in the fitness industry can do for you.

Equipment Sales and Design

From beginning to end, we will help you design and fully equip your fitness center. Do not make the mistake of investing money in equipment that will not get much use, or worse yet, will break down easily. Aztec Fitness has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the most cost effective and efficient fitness equipment available. 

who we serve


By partnering with your HR department, our staff will provide orientations to your employees to eliminate the intimidation of today’s high tech fitness equipment. With the confidence of knowing what you are doing, our staff ensure proper use and safety of all equipment.

In-home Gyms


At Aztec Fitness, we use the Functional Movement and Resistance Training Protocol developed by the American Council on Exercise. Our trainers will take you through the FOUR phases that will help you develop your body with the least risk of injury.  Most people, in their enthusiasm and eagerness to get in shape, end up with an injury because they don’t allow their body to follow to fully adapt to each phase of the training protocol.

Master Planned Communities

As life becomes more digital, people lack community and connection with others. Through the common goal of achieving a healthy lifestyle, we bring people together to interact and live life together. To step out from under their screens and connect with others while getting a great workout.

Personal Training

Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy is also known as post-rehab. It is very important for a personal trainer to stay within their scope of practice. Therefore, I do not diagnose or treat injuries. Most post-rehab clients are referred to me by a Doctor or Physical Therapist. The protocols for my methods follow the instructions, prognosis, and contraindications given by a doctor or physical therapist whenever possible.